Friends of The Dorothy Neal White Scholarship Page

The Friends of the DNW Collection gives an annual scholarship to a student at Victoria University of Wellington. The scholarship is currently for $500, awarded for academic research using one or more of the Friend’s Collections. Donations for this are welcome.
See the research grant conditions

Tania Connelly a recipient of the Friends Scholarship 2001.
This was the inaugural award. Tania used the DNW Collection to investigate the portrayal of Irish characters in books for children published before 1940 – a research project completed as part of the Master of Library and Information Studies.


Emma Macdonald a recipient of the Friends Scholarship 2002.
Emma’s Master of Library and Information Studies research project was to examine the portrayal of female characters in books from the Dorothy Neal White Collection that have been re-issued and are still available in public libraries, highlight any archaic or negative portrayals, and question whether these books are suitable for continued use.

Caroline Campbell – 2003
Caroline used the DNW Collection to research the usage and design of illustration in junior fiction in New Zealand from 1890-1920, and its impact on the formation of a national identity at a time when New Zealand, while still a colony, was establishing its own seminal persona as separate and distinct from Australia.
In 2004 no award was made but there was some further support given to Caroline Campbell

Andrew Francis – 2005
As part of his research Andrew is looking at the way in which Germans were portrayed in books and magazines for children. He has used publications held in the DNW Collection. Andrew’s PhD thesis is looking at anti-alienism prior to World War 1.

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